Yes! Given the current circumstances with the pandemic, you are welcome to film your own practice introductory video. 
Below are some tips that we'd recommend considering as you prepare:
  1. Film on your phone, rather than your computer, since this typically provides a better picture quality. Make sure the camera is horizontal (landscape mode) rather than vertical. 
  2. Prepare for the video: Consider the following questions as "prompts" that you'd answer if this were a script.
    • Can you tell me about your practice?
    • What are your specialties and who do you see in private practice? (e.g. "My areas of expertise include college mental health, perfectionism, shame..." or "I enjoy working with young professionals navigating...")
    • What treatment approaches do you use in therapy? (e.g. “Working with me involves changing behaviors… we work at your own pace...”)
    • What message do you have for those seeking therapy? (e.g. “My practice philosophy is driven by the belief that recovery is possible…”)
  3. Dress professionally
    • Wear professional, colorful clothes that stand out against the color of your wall.
    • Please do not wear stripes or patterns as they do not photograph well; conservative, professional outfits are best.
    • Make sure your outfit is clean and pressed.
    • If you wear makeup, enhancing your normal makeup routine will translate well on camera.
  4. Get your environment set up!
    • Please set up in a room with lots of natural light, ideally with you facing a window so natural light is on your face.
    • Please ensure a quiet filming environment with pets and children in another room.
    • Exit out of any other browsers on your laptop so that you don't get notification pings.
    • Your background should be clean, with no clutter. A plain wall can work as well.
    • A plant next to you or painting in the background can be a nice addition.
We recommend that you keep the video to 60-90 seconds total
Here are wonderful examples of self-submitted videos: Laura Lee, Ruth Abrams
If you are feeling nervous or unsure about filming a video on your own, learn more about scheduling a remote photo and videoshoot!