It is required to have at least one practice location listed on your Zencare profile, so clients know where they can see you -- either online, or in-person! To change your office address:

  1. Log in to the Members portal, and navigate to the availability & locations tab.​
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and locate the option to add a new location, or remove one:

If you are licensed in a new state or have moved to a new physical location:

  • Select "Add a new location"
  • Share the details of where the practice is located and what your hours and availability are.
  • Hit "Create location" when done!

If you are no longer licensed to see clients in a particular state or discontinued a lease in a physical location:

  • Note that you must have at least one practice location indicated. If you only have one location currently, you must add a new location before your existing location can be removed.
  • If you have more than one location, select "Remove location"
  • Indicate the location where you are no longer seeing clients, and hit "Remove location"