Follow along with these steps to learn how to reschedule or cancel an initial call!

1.) Click on the "View Client Details" button of the confirmation email:

Note: Can't find the confirmation email? No worries! You can also see call details by logging into the Zencare Members Portal, navigating to the bottom of the call calendar tab, and clicking on the "View Details" button next to the relevant call.

In the calendar tab:

2.) A pop-up screen with call details will appear. Click the "Reschedule Appointment" or "Cancel Appointment" button on this screen depending on which action you would like to take. You will be prompted to write a short message to the client about why you are rescheduling or canceling. If rescheduling, you will also be prompted to input a new date and time to change the appointment to.

Alternatively, you can message the client without rescheduling or canceling the appointment to find a different time for a consultation by clicking the green "Message" button (for more details on Zencare messaging, visit this page). 

Input a new time if rescheduling:

3.) Both you and the client will receive a call rescheduled/call canceled email to confirm the changes. If using the messaging feature, you will receive an email notification once the client responds to your message.