Adding call availability gives clients the option to request a free initial call with you to learn more about your practice, right from your Zencare profile.

Watch this short video to learn how to set or update initial call availability and follow along with the outlined steps below!


In summary:

1. Navigate to the Call Calendar tab.

2. Set the calendar status to "Show Calendar" (only necessary if calendar is currently toggled to "Hide Calendar").

3. Ensure the timezone dropdown is set to your current timezone.

4. To add availability: Click anywhere on the calendar. A window will pop-up, prompting you to input times you are available for initial calls. Hit save once you are done inputting this availability, and repeat to add additional timeslots.

TipAdd recurring events following the guide here.

5. To edit/remove current availability: Click on the timeslot on your calendar that you would like to edit or delete. A pop-up window will appear where you can indicate any changes or deletions you would like to make. If it is a recurring event, make sure to verify whether you want to delete/edit this one instance of the event or every instance of the event.

Tip: Edit recurring events following the guide here.

Tip: If you are going out-of-office, follow the steps here.

6. Confirm your call availability is appearing on your profile as you'd like by clicking the "View Profile" sidebar option!