While the following are not required to make your profile live on the Zencare site, we highly recommend taking the following steps to ensure your profile is as strong as it can be! These steps include:

1. Booking a photoshoot to add professional video & gallery images

2. Writing a thoughtful professional statement & message to clients

3. Adding your experience and training to the work & education section of your profile

4. Adding a physical practice location - even if you are only practicing remotely! Simply mark this location as "not accepting," or hide the address if it is a home office.

5. Add the maximum number (20) of areas of general expertise. This sets the range of topics under which your profile will appear in searches!

6. Enable phone consultations to give clients an easy way to contact you.

7. Take our vetting assessment to earn the Zencare trusted provider badge!

You can also visit the "Membership Tips" and "Increasing Referrals" sections of the Zencare portal to learn about other ways to boost your profile's exposure and increase your number of referrals!