Follow this guide to upload a headshot so that you can launch a polished, professional profile even before your in-person photoshoot!

In order to be published, your headshot must be:

  • A photo of you, not a logo or office photo
  • In color, not black & white
  • Of high resolution (at least 200kb in size)
  • Centered, with your face taking up 60-70% of the frame (more on cropping and resizing here!)

A good rule of thumb is to only use a photo that was taken with the express purpose of serving as your professional headshot!

A great headshot is:

  • Taken in a professional setting, by another person or on a self-timer
  • Featuring your warmest smile!
  • Brightly lit
  • Recently taken (within the past 3 years!)

Avoid these common headshot mistakes! 

  • Selfies
  • Photos that are darkly lit or where your face is hidden in shadows
  • Photos in which you are unsmiling
  • Photos that are more than 5 years old, or in which you don't look like your current professional self
  • Photos taken in an unprofessional setting
  • Photos where another person is cropped out

Here are answers to other common profile photo FAQs!

  • I am getting an error message when I upload the photo, but I think it meets the criteria! Please send an email to attaching the photo you’d like to have as your profile photo, and we’ll take care of it for you! :) 
  • What if I don’t have a photo that meets these criteria? Book your Zencare photoshoot here!
  • How do I crop and center my headshot? See a step-by-step guide here!
  • Can you edit a photo for me? If the photo was taken by a Zencare photographer, yes! Select “To make a one-time photoshop edit to your photos and/or video, please contact the Zencare team” here, and choose the photo you’d like to have edited. If the photo was not taken by a Zencare photographer, unfortunately, we are not able to edit it.
  • Can I wait for my photoshoot to add a profile photo? Yes! Please note that a profile cannot be published until it includes a profile photo. If you’d like to wait until after your photoshoot to publish your profile, that’s absolutely fine!
  • Can I change my profile photo later on? Yes! You can change your profile photo by following the steps here.