Clients who contact you via Zencare receive an email with the option to anonymously share a testimonial or private feedback about their experience. 

Testimonials will be shared privately with you via email first, and it is then up to you to decide if you would like them to publicly appear on your profile. Client feedback is only shown for your reference and can not be displayed on your profile. You'll have complete control over what appears on your profile and can choose which testimonials to share. We will never post these testimonials publicly without your consent. 

To view your testimonials and client feedback and manage what shows up on your Zencare profile, simply follow these steps:

1.). Navigate to the "Testimonials" section of the Zencare members portal. 

2.) If you have testimonials, you will be given the option to toggle the testimonial to "Display" if you would like it to appear on your profile. Leave the toggle in the default "Hide" mode to keep it hidden.

3.) To confirm the addition of any testimonials you decide to display, visit your Zencare profile and scroll to the bottom—they will be featured at the bottom of your profile right underneath the "Languages" section! 

If you're interested in learning more about the Zencare testimonial process, we have collected some FAQs here