If you've opted to purchase the copywriting add-on at checkout (or are interested in doing so!), then you might be wondering what this option entails. Read on for details about what this add-on includes.


Copywriting services highlight your expertise, clinical style, and unique practice features. Help clients find the right fit through writing that is tailored to showcase your skills and strengths as a therapist.


  • A professional statement written by our trained copywriters showcasing your practice
    • The professional statement is a 3-5 paragraph, high-level overview of your practice. It covers the clientele you serve, your therapeutic approach and style, and any basic information a client needs to know prior to starting therapy with you.
  • A review of your video script and suggested edits by our copywriters

Our team researches your practice and draws upon our own conversations with you to present an accurate, up-to-date, and polished written representation of your practice. The statement will be ready within 96h of your purchase. When it's ready, we add the statement directly to your Statement & Message tab, where you will be able to review the statement prior to publishing and make any adjustments as needed. 

If you didn't check out with the Copywriting Add-on and are interested in this assistance, please contact the Zencare support team and we will be happy to get you all set up!