Zencare therapists with the Private Pay Booster have a fee range listed on their profile. This estimates the price of therapy after the individual receives out-of-network reimbursement from their insurance company.

Therapy-seekers enter their insurance information on the Zencare website to see their estimated out-of-network reimbursement rate. This allows potential clients to approximate their out-of-pocket cost before reaching out to a therapist.

There are three places where cost estimates appear: On the Zencare search page, on provider profiles, and in the messaging tool. 

Cost estimates on the search page

Here's how a therapy-seeker would use the "Check cost estimate" button when searching for a therapist.

1. The potential client uses filters to search for a therapist on Zencare. In search results, therapists with the Private Pay Booster will have the “Check cost estimate” button listed on their profile.

2. The therapy-seeker clicks "Check cost estimate" and enters their insurance information.

3. Zencare retrieves their out-of-network reimbursement estimate. A confirmation page displays with their results.

4. The out-of-network cost estimate appears on the preview of the therapist profile.

5. The therapy-seeker is then encouraged to reach out to therapist (and their insurance company) for more details!


Cost estimates on Zencare profiles

Here's how a therapy-seeker would request a detailed cost estimate through a Zencare profile.

1. Therapy-seekers who submit their insurance information can see the cost estimate on therapist profiles.

2. The therapy-seeker is prompted to contact the therapist for more information about their insurance and deductible.

4. When the therapy-seeker contacts the therapist, they can opt to send insurance information.

5. When the therapist receives the initial message, they will see the client's out-of-network insurance benefits. This includes reimbursement rates, deductible information, and cost estimates.

6. The therapist sends a message to the potential client, explaining their deductible, benefits and out-of-pocket cost. Zencare provides a template in the messaging tool that the therapist can use. It’s important for therapists to communicate that this is an estimate. Clients should verify coverage with their insurance company.

How Zencare calculates cost estimates

Zencare uses out-of-network reimbursement rates, session fees, and conservative estimates of allowed amounts to estimate the out-of-pocket cost. 

Please note that out-of-network reimbursement rates apply to allowed amounts for the session, which will sometimes be less than the therapist's session fee. 

All listed fees are estimates and do not guarantee out-of-network coverage. We recommend individuals call their insurance company to confirm coverage before booking a session.