The message to clients is your opportunity to speak directly to clients about the therapy process, the relationship you seek to build, and your hope for them. Think of your message to clients as answering the question, “If my loved one were considering seeking therapy for the first time, what would I say to them?”

Here are answers to a few other message to client FAQs! 

  • Do you have any examples? Yes! Here are a few well-written messages to clients:
  • Are there any styling requirements for a message to clients? Yes! Please do:
    • Write in the first person (“I am honored that you are considering reaching out for therapy…”).
    • Write at least 100 words, and no more than 300 words.
    • Add paragraphing (1-2 paragraphs are recommended!).
    • Avoid distracting elements, such as all caps, ellipses or dashes, rhetorical questions, and quotations.  
  • What should I include in my message to clients? This section is an open-ended invitation to speak directly to prospective clients in the moment that they are viewing your profile. Here are a few prompts to help you shape your message!
    • What do I typically tell my friends and loved ones when they ask me what going to therapy is like?
    • What would I need to know if I were considering therapy for the first time?
    • What do I hope clients get out of therapy with me?
  • How is the message to clients different from the professional statement? The professional statement summarizes your practice services, approach to treatment, and professional experience. The message to clients is a brief note, reflecting your practice philosophy and hope for your clients. 
  • Do you offer copywriting for the message to clients? To help prospective clients hear each provider’s unique voice, we don’t currently offer copywriting for the message to clients.