Watch the following video for an overview on how to use Zencare's messaging tool and follow along with the steps below!

1. Log-in to the Zencare Members Portal.

2. On your dashboard, you will see your most recent unread client messages. Click the "View all" button on the dashboard to be taken to the Client Messages center, where you can view all your messages! 

3. Any unread messages will appear in green text with a dot by the name of the client. Click on the name of any client to view their message(s), or search by the name of a specific client at the top of the client list!

4. Respond to the client(s) by typing your message in the text box. Click on the three green dots to the left of the text box to use a template (more about using the templates here). Then make sure you hit send! 

5. If needed, you can delete any message you sent to a client by hovering your mouse over the message and clicking on the grey trash can icon that will appear to the left of the message.