It takes a little bit of time for Google to "learn" that your new Zencare profile exists and is associated with your practice, which is likely why it isn't appearing when you Google your name. As your page gains more views, your profile will begin to show up higher in searches.

Sharing your Zencare profile with prospective clients and colleagues can be a great way to increase views of your page and increase the chances your profile will be a top result in Google searches. Taking advantage of other free Zencare marketing and promotional opportunities can also be a great way to boost profile views. These opportunities include:

  • Therapist interview features: Introduce yourself to the Zencare user community with an interview. This is a great way to share more about your specialties and approach, as well as your professional background and personal hobbies. The form to submit an interview can be found in "Blog Feature" section of the Zencare members portal or via this link.
  • Harnessing the power of your local provider community with the Zencare listserv: If you’ve opened a new practice, are looking for more clients to join a therapy group, or simply want to connect with other therapists in your area, we encourage you to reach out to the Zencare team to see if there is a Zencare listserv group in your area!
  • Post your therapy groups on the Zencare site: Widen the reach of your practice, get more profile views, and find more clients who would benefit from attending your groups through posting them on our therapy group listing pages. Read more about how to list a therapy group on Zencare here.