Email notifications

You will get an email notification whenever you receive a new contact form submission or phone consultation request from a Zencare client. 

To find details about the call or view the client message, click the "Respond to client" button in the email. This will take you into the Zencare Members portal to a page providing more details about the client and their contact information. From here, you can message the client or reschedule/cancel the appointment as needed.

Helpful note: Make sure to add to your email's whitelist so that client referral notifications don't go to spam (here's how!).


Members portal referral management: Viewing Referrals

You can log-in to the Zencare Members Portal and navigate to the "Client Referrals" section at any time to view your current and past client referrals.

Your most recent unread messages will also appear on the dashboard of the portal. Clicking on the "View Conversation" button on your dashboard will allow you to see your unread message(s) from a client and respond.


All upcoming phone consultations will appear in your call calendar. You can also view a list of all upcoming, past, and cancelled calls below the call calendar. 


Members portal referral management: Responding to referrals

Zencare's messaging tool makes it easy to respond to incoming referrals. Simply respond to the client by typing your message in the text box—whether that be confirming a phone consultation, rescheduling, or inquiring to get more background on the client's therapy needs.

Helpful note: Click on the three green dots to the left of the text box to save time and use a pre-constructed template (more about using the templates here!).